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Privacy Policy:

Technicahub will never publish or write anything personal information without taking permission of the owner this doesn’t follow our ethics. Trust is the first thing that we focus throughout the platform. Please read our privacy policies thoroughly to know all the Terms & Conditions in details.

Technicahub have full right to change our Privacy Policies anytime without any prior notice as we keep on updating ourselves but we will always follow the basic rules and regulations that is defined by our government, please review this policies to be informed.

Same Privacy Policies is  applied to each of the partners or group that comes under Technicahub and you are always welcome to contact us if there are any discrepancies.

Mandatory Permission:

If anyone visits our websites then they must visit this page and also they automatically agrees the terms and conditions which is mentioned in the Privacy Policies of Technicahub. Also If you accept the Privacy Polices and Terms & Conditions then you are bound to follow it and Technicahub can use your personal information as per the conditions that are mentioned in our policies. For all the updates and changes in the privacy polices please keep on checking this section so that you could know latest information.

Children Law:

This website and all its groups is not for children i.e below 18 years, it follows all the government guidelines to maintain it.

Privacy Agreement:

Technicahub is maintaining high security for your personal information and it shall never be shared to any third party/parities for any purpose such as advertisement and promotions etc.

Although we can use for the following circumstances

(a) If Technicahub need to use your personal information then we will take your permission by digital or paper documents need not to worry about that.

(b) In any extreme situation if your personal information is needed then Technicahub will go for govt laws and if the law permits then Technicahub can use your personal data.


Contact Info:

If you have any disputes that all be handled in Jamshedpur Tata Court Jharkhand  if you have any confusion then feel free to contact with us, we will always welcome your suggestions.

Phone number: 7873712186

Email :


To know more about you can also check our about us section.




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