What Technicahub actually do and our main aim.

Small Introduction Of Ours

“ Technicahub“, as the name itself means a store where all kinds of electronic products can be easily searched by our beloved users and a time-friendly website. It was established in June 2018 by Shahnawaz Ali working in a team with Mohammad Tauseef Alam and others.

technics hub

Why Technicahub is the best option for tech lovers?

Technicahub is looking forward to giving our viewers a correct pathway if they are opting for online shopping. The basic aim of our team is to compare all the electronic products on a single website to serve the benefits of our viewers, which is itself a unique concept. The main motive of our team is to save the time and viewers need not visit each and every shopping apps as they can visit a single website and can compare the products price, features and many more specifications with exciting deals and offers which will also come under their budget.

Our Future planning for users.

For the benefits of our users, in future, we are planning for home deliveries of the desired products too where a user will get simplest and easiest way to compare prices check review before placing their orders.

We are in contact with various dealers and sellers in each city, very soon all users will be able to choose their desired products from their favorite shops also they will get an extra discount if they are buying it from “Technicahub”.

They do not need to visit the shop to check the price variation of the product only thing will be required to visit our website.


Our Offices and extensions details.

Its headquarter is based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India having its branch office in Kolkata, India


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